Women’s Rights

Standing Up for True Equality

Right now, the state of Florida needs better leadership that will champion women’s rights and stand up for true equality, both in and out of the workplace. On his first day in office, Philip is committed to signing an executive order mandating Equal Pay for Equal Work, to ensure that everyone is paid fairly for their work.

After a year where politicians in Tallahassee made headlines for shameful and intolerable behavior with regards to sexual harassment, Philip’s administration will institute a zero-tolerance policy. This is a problem that affects women throughout our state; we must come together to make sure that no one is ever subjected to abusive behavior, in or outside of the workplace.

Philip is committed to standing up for a woman’s right to choose and will fight the legislature against any legislation that would infringe upon that right.

As in his previous public-sector and private-sector roles, Philip will make sure that his administration reflects the diversity of Florida.