Veterans & Military Families

They Deserve the Best

The son of a military veteran, Philip Levine appreciates the incredible contribution and sacrifice that our men and women in uniform and their families give to our country.

While the state of Florida has come a long way in how it cares for troops, veterans and military families, there is still much to be done.

Our men and women in uniform risk their lives for our country, and they deserve the best healthcare, quality of life, and career opportunities back home. Philip will work as Governor to make sure our 1.5 million veterans are cared for, and to provide affordable housing and support for our state’s many homeless veterans — the 2nd largest population in the United States.

Philip wants to ensure our retired military personnel are cared for and respected. A Levine administration will call for the establishment of a Retired Military Personnel Director to ensure that Florida’s population of retired military personnel can access healthcare services and other benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Philip will also ensure that the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs has enough Veterans Claims Examiners to handle caseloads and make sure our retired military members are prioritized.