Transportation & Infrastructure

Connecting Our Cities

As a long-time resident of South Florida, Philip is all-too-familiar with our state’s chronic issues of gridlock and congestion, a huge drag on our economy and a major source of pollution. This is especially a problem in South Florida and Central Florida, where the average low-income working family spends over 70% of their income on transportation and housing.

Philip wants to drive Florida into the 21st century economy and believes that to do that, we need to connect our cities with modern transportation methods. High-speed rail, Hyperloop, and other similar initiatives can be a driving force for new jobs and economic advancement for regions throughout Florida. But Philip also understands that we must take our local communities into account as we move forward.

In Miami Beach, Philip expanded the use of bike lanes and instituted a free trolley program to connect his community. By reducing gridlock and carbon emissions, we can build a truly inclusive economy, and Philip will get it done through innovative investment projects and public-private partnerships.

Philip will also appoint a Secretary of Transportation who will be focused on getting things done, and working with local governments to streamline processes and cut through red tape.