Better Jobs

A New Economy

Philip is running for Governor to create a 21st century economy that works for all Floridians. If we want to attract the most admired companies in America, Philip believes we need to build an environment that attracts them, invest in Team Florida, and create a culture of excellence.

Raise the Minimum Wage

To create a state where we all rise together, Philip believes it’s time to raise the minimum wage in the state of Florida. It’s something he did as Mayor of Miami Beach, as the first city in the state to institute a minimum living wage. As Governor, Philip will fight to raise the minimum wage past $8.25 and let local communities decide what works best for them.

Create More Affordable Housing Options

All across our state, the cost of living varies. But in almost every metro area, housing prices are too high. From Tampa to Orlando, to Sarasota to Miami, low-income Floridians are using nearly half of their income on housing. The costs are too high and are keeping families from getting ahead and achieving economic security. Philip will make sure that the Sadowski Fund is used for its dedicated purpose and stop Republican leadership from sweeping it to fund their pet-projects.

Invest in Florida’s Families & Stop Taxpayer-Funded Handouts to Special Interests

With an $89 billion budget, it’s time we stop giving away taxpayer money to special interests and start investing in the people of Florida. By investing resources in public education, healthcare, and in protecting the environment, Philip knows we can create a state where businesses small and large can flourish and thrive. We’ll build a state where the most admired companies in our country won’t just want to move to Florida — they’ll start here.