Higher Education

Expanding Access

Florida should be taking a forward-thinking approach and incentivizing kids that have an interest in going to college or vocational training schools to do just that. Providing students with a scholarship if they pledge to work in our state after graduation is a common-sense idea that will allow more children greater opportunities while helping to boost our state economy.

More Options

Going to a four-year state university isn’t for everyone; one size does not fit all. Philip understands the importance of options for students when it comes to higher education. Apprenticeship programs and vocational training schools are avenues for students to develop valuable skills and land high-paying jobs. Community colleges are options that help keep education costs down while earning credits in foundational courses.

Innovation Zones

In order to compete in the 21st century economy, we must incentivize our students to innovate. With the proper investments, all of our colleges and universities can have innovation zones that serve as entrepreneurial hubs. In order to move our state forward and create the new startup capital, we must create an environment that encourages students to start companies, advance research, and begin projects that will develop the next great generation of businesses and ideas.