Florida’s Environment

Protecting Our Environment

Philip is running for Governor and is ready to tackle climate change and sea level rise on the first day in office, the same way he did as Mayor of Miami Beach. As Mayor of Miami Beach, Philip worked with community stakeholders on an unprecedented solution to keep his city from going underwater by investing in seawater pumps, raising roads, improving building codes, and installing seawalls. It worked, and Miami Beach has become a model for cities around the world confronting climate change.

Our state must be forward-thinking and build sustainable communities for our future. Local governments can’t do it all alone – we all need a partner in Tallahassee.

Water Quality

Florida is a growing state in both new residents and increased tourism, but Florida’s economy is built on a clean and ample supply of water. Our water is the lifeblood of our state and when we jeopardize that, we risk the health and safety of all Floridians and of our entire economy. Philip will fight to protect our environment by protecting our aquifer.

Stop Offshore Drilling & Invest in Renewable Energy Sources

It’s a clear fact: Floridians do not want offshore drilling. And not only is it wrong; it’s yesterday’s news. Fossil fuels are the old way and we must be ready to adapt so we can succeed in the future. Philip believes our energy future lies in renewable energy and that there is a reason we are called the “Sunshine State.” As Governor, he will encourage the growth of sustainability by investing heavily in solar and other sources of renewable energy. Philip will also make sure we hold polluters accountable, whether by looking into possible climate liability litigation against fossil-fuel polluters or by standing up to the Trump Administration’s pushes to implement oil-drilling off of Florida’s shores.

Protect our Everglades and National Parks

The Everglades is vitally important, not only as a natural treasure of the world, but also for the future of our state. If we do not protect the Everglades, we endanger not only the ecosystem and the wildlife there, but also our aquifer. As Governor, Philip will make sure that all of our wetlands, our springs, our parks and our aquifer are taken care of and protected. By prioritizing funding for Florida Forever and expanding the reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee, Philip will fight to stop the toxic algae blooms plaguing communities throughout our state.

Build Resiliency Statewide

Climate change and sea-level rise are issues that affect our entire state, over 70% of Floridians live in coastal counties. As the changing climate threatens our aquifer from saltwater intrusion, beach erosion, and stronger storms and flooding, Philip believes it’s time to invest in resiliency for all of Florida’s communities.