Public Education

Improving Education

As a product of Broward County’s public schools, Philip is a strong advocate for Florida’s traditional public education system. It’s time we pay our teachers fairly, reform high-stakes testing, improve our facilities, and take an innovative approach to building a system that works efficiently. Prioritizing public education is a direct investment in the next generation, creating a public school system that sets our kids up for success.

Invest, Invest, Invest

Philip believes it’s time to take our public school funding off the back-burner and make the much-needed investments in our public education system so that everyone can have the same opportunities to advance. Funding public education, paying teachers fairly, investment in our business of public education must be a top priority. It’s time to end the flow of taxpayer money to unaccountable, for-profit charters and private schools and adequately fund our public schools, our teachers, and our children’s future.


As our country moves into the future, our education system must keep up. In order to adapt and ensure our children get a world-class education, we have to take a different and innovative approach. Florida must invest in more virtual school programs, apprenticeship and vocational programs, and make serious investments in a top-notch voluntary pre-kindergarten program to ensure our kids are being taught a curriculum that works best for them.

Educational Partnership

In Florida, we want to attract the most admired companies to our state, the Googles and General Electrics of the world. The companies that will drive the economy of the future. But in order to do that we must have an educated state which will provide them with a skilled and innovative workforce to move their innovations forward. Philip sees a future where our state builds partnerships with leading companies to supplement our investments in Florida’s public education system and ensure our schools have the resources necessary to help our students achieve.