Meet Philip Levine

A Proven Record

Philip Levine is running for Governor with a progressive vision to move Florida forward as a leader in the 21st century economy. He wants to revitalize our economy, envisioning a Florida with better-paying jobs, more competitive public schools, and an entrepreneurial approach to protecting our environment. As Governor, Philip will fight for the real needs of the working families of Florida, rather than the powerful interests in Tallahassee.

With a proven track record of extraordinary private and public sector success as a self-made South Florida entrepreneur, and then as a two term Mayor of Miami Beach, Philip demonstrates the leadership skills necessary to break one-party rule in Tallahassee and bring Floridians together to get things done.

Inspired by the example of great leaders and frustrated with the inaction of City Hall, Philip first ran for Mayor for the city of Miami Beach in 2013, where he has lived the past 40 years, taking on sea-level rise, cleaning up government corruption, and reforming the police department. He funded his own campaign, refusing money from special interests, and easily won re-election to two terms with a majority of the vote.

The Right Thing

While in office, Philip pushed forward with innovative solutions to combat flooding and sea-level rise in Miami Beach, including investing in cutting-edge pumps, installing new drainage systems, and physically raising roads. Because of Philip, Miami Beach is now more resilient than ever, and is recognized as a role model for coastal cities around the world.

As Governor, Philip will do the same for Florida, making our state an international leader—not just in climate change and sea level rise—but also in solar and renewable energy. Philip believes it’s time for leadership that treats climate change seriously and protects Florida’s drinking water and environment.

Philip is running for Governor for a more inclusive Florida, where everybody is treated equally—regardless of race, creed, gender, or origin. In Miami Beach, Philip championed progressive reform: he fixed a broken police department, decriminalized marijuana, and made Miami Beach one of only a few cities to consecutively win perfect scores for LGBTQ+ inclusiveness.

As Mayor, Philip stood up to Rick Scott and passed the first living minimum wage in Miami Beach, and as Governor, he will fight to raise the statewide living wage so that all Floridians can prosper­— because it’s the right thing to do.

Just Get It Done

A graduate of Broward County’s public school system, Philip knows the importance of great teachers. In Philip’s vision for Florida, we will be known for having the best universities fed by the best public school systems in the country. As Governor, Philip would make sure every child would be able to attend college and pursue their dreams debt-free—regardless of their parents’ income.

Philip’s motto for leadership is “Just get it done.” He is a strong believer that actions speak far louder than words. When Philip sees a problem, he comes up with innovative solutions and gets results. Rather than paying lip service to his ideals, Philip fights for what is right—no matter the challenge or the cost.

Philip is running for Governor to fight for Florida’s families, so that every man, woman, and child can achieve their dreams. As a self-made entrepreneur who started his first company with only $500 in his pocket, Philip knows the value of building a great environment for great ideas.

Under Philip’s leadership, Florida would have an innovation economy—filled with good-paying jobs for all of its residents, better public schools, and forward-thinking leadership that takes care of all of its residents.

Philip envisions a Florida where we are known as the Startup State, with innovation zones in all of our major cities, where we grow home-grown entrepreneurs just as well as we grow oranges, and where our cities are interconnected with state-of-the-art infrastructure and green, high-speed transport systems.

Philip currently lives with his wife Carolina, and their three children in Miami Beach.