Proudly Supporting Philip

The Levine for Governor campaign is excited to announce the endorsement of local elected leaders from across the state. From North Florida, through the I-4 corridor, down to South Florida—elected officials are proud to support Philip Levine as the next Governor of Florida.

Elected Officials

Kevin Rader
State Senator, District 29

Joe Casello
State Rep-Elect, District 90

Dan Gelber
Mayor of Miami Beach

Jose Alvarez
Mayor of Kissimmee

Josh Levy
Mayor of Hollywood

Gary Resnick
Mayor of Wilton Manors

Enid Weisman
Mayor of Aventura

Glenn Singer
Mayor of Golden Beach

Oliver Gilbert
Mayor of Miami Gardens

Daniel Dietch
Mayor of Surfside

Peter Bober
Former Mayor of Hollywood

Alex Penelas
Former Mayor of Miami-Dade County

Ken Keechl
Former Mayor of Broward County

Joe Kilsheimer
Former Mayor of Apopka

Lori Moseley
Former Mayor of Miramar

Andy Amoroso
Vice-Mayor of Lake Worth

Gina Driscoll
St. Petersburg Councilwoman

Larry B. Johnson
Pensacola Council Member

Bernard Parness
Commissioner, Deerfield Beach

Peyton McArthur
Commissioner, Port of Palm Beach

Daniella Levine Cava
Commissioner, Miami-Dade County

Robert Shelley
Commissioner, Aventura

John Elizabeth Alemán
Commissioner, Miami Beach

Micky Steinberg
Commissioner, Miami Beach

Herman Robinson
Commissioner, Lake Worth

Mark Samuelian
Commissioner, Miami Beach

Howard Weinberg
Commissioner, Aventura

Ricky Arriola
Commissioner, Miami Beach

Justin Katz
Commissioner, Boynton Beach

Mitch Ceasar
Former Broward County DEC Chair

Maxwell Chambers
Vice Mayor of Miramar

Reginald E. Daniels
Madison County School Board

Lynn Gray
Hillsborough County School Board