After last week’s tragedy, we need to tell the parents and families who are grieving that this year our laws changed. But, that will require each of us to march, rally, to speak out, and demand action.

Following the 2016 horrific massacre at Pulse Night Club in Orlando, as Mayor, I signed a resolution asking the state to pass legislation to undo their efforts that deny Mayors from passing gun reforms in their communities. I also called for the ban of assault rifles and tougher background screening.

On Thursday, I renewed those calls in a letter I sent the Senate President and Speaker of the House asking for their swift and immediate action on a series of legislation that should pass immediately––including a full ban on military-style assault rifles like AR-15s.

Join our efforts to have the Governor and the Florida Legislature pass reforms now. Sign the petition to ensure that your voice is heard loud and clear.

Let’s not give up because together, our collective voices will bring change.

Paid by Philip Levine, Democrat, for Governor