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Hearing From The Voters

Our government works best when decisions are made at the community level, reflecting the priorities of everyday Floridians.

That’s why I want to meet with you and your neighbors, right in your living room. Whether you live in Pensacola or Pinecrest, whether you vote Democrat or Republican, I want to hear from you so I can understand your concerns and your neighborhood’s priorities, and have an honest conversation about how we can make our state work for everyone.

On The Road

Whether it was a teacher in Sarasota who told me about the investments she’d like to see in our public schools, or a fast-food employee in Broward County who showed me how hard it is to make ends meet on minimum wage, these conversations are driving the changes that I will make in Florida.

But this is only just beginning. We’re continuing our #LiveFromLivingRooms tour in the coming months ahead, on a mission to visit voters in all 67 counties.

Will your living room be next?

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Live From Florida’s Living Rooms

Bring Philip to Your Living Room

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